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Portable Toilet Services in Utah


We have clean portable toilets, or porta potties, available  for all sorts of projects and occasions. Whether you’re having a party or setting up an outdoor job site, it’s important that you have the capacity to deal with human waste.


We’ll get you portable toilets that are clean, smell good and keep smelling good, and that come with everything you need to keep them that way. We’ll clean and maintain them for the duration of your need so you never have to worry about bad smells or other cleanliness issues.

Do I Need Porta Potties?

Not sure if you need porta potties? What should you do with a porta potty in the winter? We can help solve all sorts of problems. You may need portable toilets if:

  • You are hosting a large party, like a wedding, graduation party, or a 40th birthday party. If your party will be outside or you don’t have the indoor toilets to handle the needs of all of the guests, portable toilets from could be your answer. We’ll make sure everyone has the privacy they need to feel comfortable as your guest.

  • You are setting up a construction or other job site. Keep your workers focused on the task at hand by providing them with on-site toilets. Offer them the privacy they need without sending them on a trek to the bathroom.

  • You run an outdoor recreation facility. Do you oversee trails, ball fields, or other outdoor facilities far away from buildings and other resources? Keep your outdoor area clean and sanitary by offering guests portable toilets for their convenience.

  • You’re holding an outdoor festival. Whether your festival focuses on yoga, music, or something else, offer people privacy and comfort when you bring in portable toilets. This keeps the area clean, too, so you can be sure to get invited back year after year.

  • You have an outdoor business. Portable toilets are useful at flea markets, fairs, petting zoos, and more. If you don’t have easy access to indoor facilities, bringing in portable toilets will also bring in some business. Making people comfortable makes them more likely to buy!

Not sure if portable toilets are right for you or how many you need?

Contact us today and our Utah area experts will help you get the setup that best suits your outdoor activities.

Portable Toilet Features

Every porta potty comes with:

  • 4 rolls of toilet tissue

  • An occupancy indicator

  • An anti-slip floor

  • A translucent roof to allow ample lighting

  • Ventilation to minimize odors

  • Hand Sanitizer

You can also order a portable handwashing station for extra cleanliness and convenience. If you’re ready to order your porta potties,

Call us now at 435-472-2580.

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