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Pressure Washing in Salt Lake City, UT

Pressure Washing

Do you have a difficult-to-clean surface in Salt Lake City that has gotten just plain filthy? Let us help you get it cleaned with our high-pressure jet cleaning.

Whether you need to clean out cracks, have textured surfaces that just won’t get as clean as you want them, or need to clean an area that you can’t reach, our power jets will help you out.

Never worry about washing your roofs, rock, metal, wood, cement, brick, or siding again. No matter what material you have, as long as it can withstand the pressure, we can get it clean for you.

How Does High-Pressure Jet Cleaning Work?

We’ll start by coming to you in Salt Lake City, and looking at whatever surface you have for us to clean. We use our equipment differently based on the material it’s made of and how dirty it is. After our assessment, we’ll get to work.

Our machinery shoots a jet of water through a small hose, creating a high-pressure stream that we can aim at your dirty surface. The pressure of the water is so high that it pushes out any dirt or grime, even from deep cracks.

We have nozzles and arms that we can attach to our unit to help us reach high places. This means that we can even clean parts of your roof that you can’t normally access and it allows us to clean entire walls, rather than just the lower parts.

We will work with you to make sure that we protect your surface, too. If you have concerns, we can lower the pressure of our wash. We’ll keep the splash zone as small as possible and always wear protective gear, so you won’t have to worry about anything.

Call us today to schedule your high-pressure jet cleaning job in Salt Lake City. We’ll get everything cleaner than you’ve seen it in a while. If you aren’t satisfied, we’ll work with you until you are!

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